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Outreach Programs

St. Vincent de Paul Fund

St. Vincent de Paul Fund distributes 45 food baskets monthly to elderly poor and shut-ins in Negril.  We assist the elderly and others with medical and prescription needs and provide simple services for the needs of the poor.

St. Anthony's Kitchen

St. Anthony’s Kitchen was founded in April 2010 to serve the hungry poor in Negril.  The Kitchen is open five days a week, serving breakfast to about 60 children each morning as they head off to school and an average of 110 lunches each day to adults.  The staff consists of several paid employees (we are providing jobs) and volunteers from the local community, and many visiting volunteers.  Through the Kitchen we assist folks with medical needs; getting to hospital, clinic and pharmacy.  Children and adults are assisted in obtaining birth certificates and other necessary documents—and more. 

Get Kids to School

Get Kids to School began in September 2011.  Responding to large number of children not regularly attending school, Mary Gate of Heaven and the Franciscan Friars began collaboration with the children’s parents and the Rotary Club of Negril to get kids to school.  A grant from the Franciscan Friars in Western Canada and other benefactors enables us to assist 100 children (from basic to high school) to get to school every day, providing lunch money, taxi fare, uniforms, school supplies and lots of encouragement.  We operate a school bus too!  Some children are individually sponsored by benefactors. Click here to see how to Sponsor a Child.

St. Anthony's Thrift Shop

St. Anthony’s Thrift Shop, next to the Kitchen, provides new and gently used clothing and household goods, sold for a small price. 

How You Can Help

Please select the Donate tab for donations. If you wish to volunteer at the Kitchen, please call the church or just show up at the Kitchen at 11:00am Monday through Friday.